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Broadside ballad entitled 'Lord Beigham'


Lord Beigham.

Young Beigham was a noble Lord,
a noble lord of high degree,
He got himself on board a ship,
Some foreign countries for to see.
He sailed east he sailed west,
Till he came to Turkey,
When he was taken and put in prison,
Till of his life he was quite weary.

Now in prison grew a tree,
It grew so stout and it grew so strong.
But he was chained down by the middle.
Until his life was nearly gone.
The Turk he had one only daughter,
A fairer creature he never did see,
She stole the keys of her father's prison,
And swore she would Lord Beigham set free.

She took him to her father's celler.
and gave to him the best of wine,
And every braw health she drank to him,
I wish Lord Beigham you were mine.
For seven long years I'll make a vow.
If thou wilt wed with no other woman,
I'ts I will wed with no other man.

She took him to her father's harbour,
And gave to him a ship of fame,
Farewell, farewell unto you Lord Beigham,
I'm afraid I ne'er shall see you again.
And fifteen days were known to be,
She packed up all her gay clothing,
And swore Lord Beigham she'd go and see.

And when she came to Lord Beigham's castle.
So loudly she rang at the bell,
who'se there, who'se there, cries the porter,
Who'se there unto me tell,
Is this quoth she young Beigham's castle,
Or is his Lordship now within,
O yes, O yes, cries the young porter.
He's just now taking his young bride in.

Go tell him bring a slice of bread,
And a bottle of his best wine.
And not forget the young Turkish Lady.
Who did release him when close confined.
Away then ran the bold young porter,
As fast as ever he could flee.
Until he came to Beigham's chamber,
Then on his bended knees fell he.

What news, what news, my bold young porter
What news have you brought to me,
O yonder is one of the fairest lady,
That ever my two eyes did see.
She has got rings upon each finger,
On some of them she has got three.
And as much gay gold up to the middle.
As would buy the whole of this country

You are to send her a slice of bread,
And a bottle of your best wine,
And do not forget the Turkish lady
Young Beigham in a passion flew.
And broke his sword in splinters three,
Saving I will save all my father's riches,
Since fair Susanah has crossed the sea.

Out spoke the young bride's mother.
She never was beard to speak so free,
You'll not forget my only daughter.
The fair Susan has crossed the sea.
I own I made a bride of your daughter,
She's neither better nor worse for me,
She came to me on a horse and saddle,
I'll send her back in a coach and three.

Now they've prepaired for another marriage,
With both their hearts quite full of glee,
I'll roam no more to foreign nations,
Since fair Susannah has crossed the sea.

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Probable period of publication: 1810-1825   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(136a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Lord Beigham'
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