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Broadside ballad entitled 'Lowlands Low'


Lowlands   Low.


Copies of this popular production can always
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I have a ship in the North Country,
And she goes by the name of the Golden Vanity.
I am afraid she will be taken by some Spanish Galleon,
As she sails in the Lowlands Low.

Then up starts our little Cabin boy,             [destroy,"
Saying, " Master, what will you give me if I do them
" I'll give you gold and you shall have my daughter also,
If you sink them in the Lowlands Low."

Undaunted and bold away he jumped in,
The boy bent his breast and most gallantly did swim,
He swam till he came to this Spanish Galleon,
As she lay in the Lowlands Low.

The boy he had an auger, to bore holes two at once,
When some were playing cards, and some were play-
ing dice,
He let in the water and it dazzled in their eyes.
And he sunk them in the Lowland- Low.

The boy he bent his breast and away he swam.
Saying, "Master, take me up or I shall be slain.
For I have effected their total overthrow,
And have sunk them in the Lowlands Low."

"I'll not take you up," the Master he cried,
" I'll not take you up," the Master replied.-- [the tide,
" I will kill you, I will shoot you, I will send you with
I will sink you in the Lowlands Low."

The boy he swan, all by the starboard side,
Until his strength it failed him, then bitterly he cried,
Saying, " Messmates take me up. for I surely shall be
For I have sunk them in the Lowlands Low."

His Messmates took him up, but on the deck he died,
O then they sewed him up in an old cow's hide,
And they threw him overboard to go with the tide,
And they sunk him in the Lowlands Low.

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Saturday, April 28, 1877.

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Date of publication: 1877   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(122a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Lowlands Low'
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