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Broadside ballad entitled 'Sodger Jock'




Copies of this popular Comic Song can always be had at 80 London St.,

TUNE?" Coal Jock."

        Noo, chaps and wunches a',
        Div I no look reg'lar braw,
Since I 'listed for a sodger in the ranks ?
        Od ! I've got a braw new hat,
        This thingamybob, an' that,
And some twenty yards o' tartan round my


        I can march or staund at ease,
        Or shoot rifles on my knees ;
I can walk as strecht as ony o' them a'
        I can halt, or I can wheel;
        Od! I'm up tae a' the drill,
But I wush this blastit choker was awa'.

        I've a pilly in my breast,
        I've a pilly in my breast,
But it seems to be the fashin' wi' them a',
        Och ! it doesna dae nae harm,
        And it helps to keep me warm?
It'll maybe keep the rifle balls awa'.
                I can march, &c.

        It's better wi' a plaid
        O'er a body's shouther laid,
Than be mountit wi' a black coal pock ;
        An' a red coat looks as weel
        As black moleskin on a chief,
An' it looks a deil sicht better on Coal Jock.
                I can march, &c.

        It's a better life for me
        Than coal weighin' on the quay,
To be dreelin'   round about   the   Castle
        An' ye never want a meal,
        For it's brocht up in a pail?
Jist as muckle's ye can wrastle wi', an'
                 I can march, &c.

        But it's chawin' if ye be
        Wi' your chums upon the spree
An' the bugle, blastit humbug, sounds the
        Ye maun rise and tak' the rout,
        Double-quick-march?wheel about?
Toss your gless aff, say?" guid nicht," an'
            come awa'.
                I can march, &c.

        Says oor sairgent jist the day,
        " Jock ! ye'll sune be gauu awa'
Oot tae Indy, for tae fecht the Blacky-
        But I'll tak' my rifle heft,
        And I'll paste them richt and left,
An' I'll dimple in their goblets wi' the
                I can march, &c.

        Wull I no be on my legs
        Wi' the sugar an' the fegs,
An' the cockernits in thumpers like my
        Oh ! new glories wait for Jock,
        I'll get plenty there to smoke,
An' get oringers an' trecle fur a feed.
                I can march, &c.

        When the heavy swells gang by,
        I maun boo, an' they reply ;
They jist speak to me the same as ither folk;
        I'm as proud's a parish priest
        Wi' a pillow in my breest;
Hooch! they've made a perfect gentleman
           o' Jock.
                I can march, &c.

        I've a brush an' reddin' kaim
        In my knapsack a' at hame,
An' a 'bawky box o' blacknin' for my bits ;
        An' some whitnin'-I was telt
        For tae rub upon my belt,
An' their splasher-dasher things upon my
                I can march, &c.

        Sic braw stockin's ne'er wur wore
        On a carter's shanks before;
But   there's   jist   yae   thing aboot   them
            bauthers me,
        For I canna see the way
        'At the ither fellows tie
This fancy knot o' ribbons at the knee.
                I can march, &c.

        I could plett as guid a whup
        As the nieve could wish tae grup,
And I'll tie her on the wuddie wi' the best,
        But I'm dasht if I can fa'
        On this blastit knot at a'?
I'm just ten times langer tyin't than the
                I can march, &c.

        But my frien's, I maun be gaun,
        Or the bugle 'll be blawn,
An' they'll lock me in the guard-room right
            an' tight,
        So I want to get the stripes,
        An' tae learn tae play the pipes,
An' of coorse I maun be dacent-so guid
            nicht !


        I can march or staun' at case,
        Or shoot rifles on my knees ;
I can walk as strecht as ony o' them a',
        I can halt, or I can wheel?
        Pooh ! I'm up tae a' the dreel?
There's the bugle!    Chaps, guid micht !
             I maun awa'.

Saturday, May 22, 1886.


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Date of publication: 1886   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(107)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Sodger Jock'
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