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Broadside ballad entitled 'The bright New Year'




Written Compose and Sung with great Success by

HARRY WALL. Comic Comidean Vocalist.

This Song must not be sung by Professional's without
permission of the Aurthor.

182 OVERGATE, Dundee.

The Old Year's pass'd and gone the bright New Year has
And with it may each of us flud it bright in every home,
May peace and love spring from our heart's to those we
are untied,               
And let us all be friend's again let envy from us fly
Although we meet as stranger's let us part as friend's.
Let us join our heart's and hand's let friendship o'er us bend.
We may have a angry word but the cloud will dissapear.
So let us hope for happier time's this coming bright New Year.


Then here's success to the   bright New Year and   may it
brighter be.
And in each home may it shine bright of true prosperity.
And may each heart beat with true love to those we hold
so dear.
Then things's will go on better in this   happy   bright New
There's many a loving face we miss of friend's we love'd
most dear,
We'll ne'er meet them on earth again their gone with the old
Some's gone away across the sea's to foreign lands to stay,
While other's they lies sleeping in the cold and silent grave.
Let's hope the widow in disstress the fatherless children to,
May this year find a friend who will to them prove kind
and true ;
And may   the rich man's heart's be touch'd and fill'd with
love sencere,
And help the poor class better in this happy bright New Year.

Then here's success to one and all and may we happy be
Also to our friend's far and near and those acoss the sea,
May hardtimes greif and sorrow soon vanish and decay.
And let us hope in this New Year we'll see far brigter day's,
Let's hope that Parliment may soon pass a bill through
there hands,
In faviour of the starving poor we see throughout our land.
May poverty and warfare die and drooping heart's be cheer'd.
And then we know that we shall have a happy brght New

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(96a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The bright New Year'
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