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Broadside ballad entitled 'Bonny Aberdonian; or, Marry an Aberdonian'


Bonny Aberdonian;


Marry an Aberdonian.


This Popular Song can always be had at the Poets' Box.

Now I 've been looking up and doun
For months, I 'm sure, about this toun,
A thrifty wife my joys to croon?
        But I'll no say I 'll take ony ane.
O' a' the places I ha'e seen
In different places I ha'e been,
Nae damsel pleases my twa een
        Like a strapping Aberdonian.


For there's naething in this world that pleases me,
Like a bonny young lass and a gude cup o' tea,
And my mither aye says, " Be advised by me,
And marry an Aberdonian."

Now to speak o' mysel', it's my belief,
I 've gotten a' my wisdom teeth,
For I wouldna tak' mustard without beef,
I 'm no sic a senseless loonie ; and
For age, I 'm just about my prime,
Hale, hearty, stout, and up to time,
I 'm sure I'll please the lassie fine
When I get my Aberdonian.

Now there 's lots o' chaps, as sure 's I 'm here,
Wha think o' naething but drinking beer,
Their heads aye muddled, they ne'er see clear
Tae dee good tae themselves or ony ane.
Lat ithers plague me wi' their chaff,
I "ll no put up wi' sic riff-raff,
But I 'll stay at hame wi' my better half?
Aye, and I 'll nurse my Aberdonian.

Now I will need to be gaun awa'
For fear ye may think I 'm gaun tae blaw,
Some ither night I 'll gi'e ye a ca'?
Say the morn's night, or ony ane ;
And gin ye meet me in the street
Along wi' some lassies dressed up so neat,
I hope you'll no be so indiscreet
As cry " How 's your Aberdonian ? "

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(85b)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Bonny Aberdonian; or, Marry an Aberdonian'
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