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Broadside ballad entitled 'Good News'



This Popular Song can always be had at
the Poets' Box, Dundee.

If you choose good news attention pay, and dont refuse
To what I say, my list I'll lay before you, if you choose,
As you will find, if you mind, there is plenty of variety,
Up and down in this town of good news.


There is selling, buying, cheating shops each other beating,
There is quackery completed, in the most of their views,
Among customers and jokers, teetotalers and brokers,
From gingerbread nuts to pokers, I read good news.

SPOKEN.?The public are respectfully informed that my
shop is now opened, and for a general stock of goods it
cannot be surpassed ; it need only to be mentioned from a
Turkish Bath to a Tow Gun, and from a Scythe to a Ser-
vant Maid, they can be supplied, and I have come to a
resolution that any person who will purchase to the
amount of sixpence worth, shall receive half an ounce of
the best treacle, and as much tripe as will make a pair of
leather breeches.


There is opium, pills and pick-axes, pork hams and bag-
pipes, boiled ham and flint, smiths' bellows, screw nails
and oysters, tent beds and razors, collars, lamps and goose-
berries, sweet milk and curling tongs, psalm books and
pot seeds, ladies' purses and rat traps, pawn brokers' tickets
and guns, castor oil and monthly roses, tartan kilts and
sharping stones, epsom salts and gunpowder.

There are heel balls, concert halls, gems and gold ear-rings,
White snails and young whales all on a list,
Black kilts, check shirts, scythes .made for shearing,
Steam guns, brass drums, tobacco into twist,
Corderoy, tablespoons, horse shoes and violins,
Gas pipes, consulting rooms; gilt buttons to assist,
Pease meal, lemon peel, also filings and wrought steel,
Potted head made from veal, which no one can resist.


SPOKEN.?Iced cream and drumsticks, paper caps and
steam engines, Demerara cockels and split peas, silk hats
and jackets, ginger beer and peacocks' feathers, bass drums
and pernela pumps, wine grapes and potato grapes, Morri-
son's pills and wheel barrows, gimlets and yellow ochre,
hog's lard and stilts, soldiers' bonnets and cinnamon biscuits,
gumflowers and masons' mells, pigs' feet and clarionets,
cow heels and coffins, and course meat for negroes.


There are a few young men wanted, who know the dis-
tinction between a Scotch canary, an overgrown elephant,
and a penny almanack.

There is selling, buying, cheating, &c.

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(84a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Good News'
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