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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Downfall of Brigham Young'






Come listennow and you shall hear the news that came to hand
Concerning Saint Brigham Young, that famous lady's man;
We're told that all the Mormons, and his bawling squalling
Will have for to skeddadle from the Yankee Doodle Land.

Oh my, don't you cry, naughty Brigham Young,
If they put you into gaol for the mischief you have done ;
Upon dry bread and skilly you will get so thin and fine,
That yon wont be worth a button for the matrimonial line

To part the saint from his wives it really is toe bad,
And more than seventy blessed kids crying for their dad;
If they put him into limbo I'm sure he will not fail
To mormonise the convicts in the Yankee County Gaol.

Now all his young and pretty wives had children no doubt,
But all the old and ugly ones they washed the hipons out?
If any girl should lose a nose belonging to his band,
Sho must hunt the fleas and empty poes in happy Mormon

Oh, what a state of happiness it must be I am sure
To have so many nurses always knocking at your door ;
To hear the young ones squalling, when took to their mamma
And hear the women bawling the're the picture of papa.

There would be many a pretty row if this occurred at home?
If any rakish married man with other girls should roam,
The women would get on to him?they'd one and all combine,
And take the courage out of him in a very little time.

If Brigham Young be sent to gaol he'll have a sudden fall,
Instead of five-and-forty wives he will have none at all;
If ever he gets out again he'll have to do with one,
And she will never groumble when she is getting all tlle fun

There is many a man that gets a wife would rather he had
But Brigham Young had forty wives and kept them all at
For a man to have so many I'm sure it can't be right?
Five for every week, day and ten for Sunday night,

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Probable date published: 1871-   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(74a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Downfall of Brigham Young'
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