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Broadside ballad entitled 'Hot Ashfelt!'



GOOD evening to ye, Glasgow boys, I'm glad to see
ye well,
I'm consaytier myself to night than any tongue can tell,
For I'm in a situation?oh, begor ! a fancy job,
N'hye, an' whisper, I've a weekly wage of fifteen bob.
Tis a twelvemonth now come Easter since I left Bun-
doran town,
Where I helped uncle Bnrney to cut the harvest down;
Och, but now I wear a garnsey, an' round my waist a
For I'm gaffer ov the rain that makes the hot ashfelt.

You talk about your sogers, your sailors and the rest,
Your shoemakersao' tailors, but to plase the ladies best
The only boys that have a chauce their flinty hearts
to melt
Are the boys around the boiler-makin' hot ashfelt.

Thim boys that I've undher me, outside an' in the yard
Have the narve to turn about an' say I work them ra-
ther hard ;
'Och, but when they raise me dandher, an' I give a
murther shout,
You should see thim lazy shaughrauns how they stir
the tar about.
You may doa bit ov schulpturin, or paintin' at your aize
shure any ov them fine arts are as aisy as you plaze;
But it takes a power ov head-work, boys, thim lumps
ov' tar to melt,
You must be born a janius to make the hot ashfelt.

The other day a bobby comes to me an' says, M'G uir
Will ye kindly let me light this dudheen at your boiler
fire ;
Thin he plants himself before the fire, with coat-tails
up so nate,
Says I my dacent man, ye'd better go an' mind your bate
Thin he turns an' says I'm down on ye, I've got your
bloomin' marks,
An' I know ye for a lot ov Tipperary barks.
Boys, I hit straight from the shoulder, an' I gave him
such a welt,
That knockee him in the boiler full ov hot ashfelt

They quickly pulled him outagain an' threw him in a tub
An' wid soap an' wather they began to rub an' schrub ;
But the divil a bit of tar came off, it turned as hard as
An' at every schrape they gave him you'd hear the
bobby groan.
Wid the wather an' the schrubbin', faith, he caught his
death ov cold,
Be for scientific purposes the peelo has been sold.
In the Kelvingrove muzayum he is hangin' by a belt,
An example of the dire effects ov hot ashfelt.

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(70a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Hot Ashfelt!'
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