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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Cup Of Cold Water Or That's What I Read In The Next Week's Police News'






Wretten by James Curran.    Sung by T. Barrick.

Copies of this popular song can always be had the POET'S Box,
Overgaie, Dundee.

One night as I sat in a cup of cold water,
Nearly frozen to death by the heat of the sun,
I read in the papers a case of man slaughter,
Which caused the salt tears from my poor nose to run.
My heart fille.l with pride at this horrible outrage
I laughed till the ensoles fell out of my shoes,
So if you will wait till I pay for my washing,
I'll relate what I read in the next weeks Police News.

I read of a boy that got horse whipped in Egypt,
For rising a slide in a ice cream saloon,
He then wyped his feet on the shop keepers whiskers,
And out of this cream freezer he made a spitoon.
The hangman was packed when the jury pled guilty,

So the prisoner was wrong for dismissing the case

Its casting a slur on our local taxation.

To judge a poor girl by the corns on her face.

I asw a poor wretch getting dragged off to prison,
For stabbing his wlfe with a ginger bread horse,

When the husband heard this he was filled with remorse.

He broke into prison and purchesed a razor,

'Then seizing himself by the roots of his hair,
He blew out his brains with a policman's whistle,

While the rich man drives our in his carriage and pair.

I don't intrerfear in affairs parliamently,

But really I'm forced for to make this remark,

Its wrong to compel a poor man to pay license,

For keeping a dog thats not able to bark.

A butcher in Wales sansage meet maneufactor,

He made use of some dogs that of small-pox did die,

All the beef in his had to be vaccinated.

While the salvation army can sell the the war cry.

On the edge of the paper I read a sad story,
Which proves that quick silver is not sausag meet
If a man suffers under the inflance of hunger
The best thing to give him is something to eat.
Then think of the fate of the poor single fellew,
Not a button on his shirt and his appitite gone,
Then look again at the man who married
Who hasent shirt for sew buttons on.

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(69a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Cup Of Cold Water Or That's What I Read In The Next Week's Police News'
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