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Broadside ballad entitled 'St Andrew Agnew's Agony Bill'


St Andrew Agnew's.




AQUATICS.?The " Emperor" Steamer commenced sailling
in the summer of 1853, and continued without opposition till
the summer of 1858, when the " Petrel," began to ply on
Sunday the llth July Her First Trip being to the Kyles of

JOHN CRAWFORD. Kilbirnie.?Hugh Allan, the celebrated
Negro Melodist, Died on the 26th May 1858; therefore,
your wish to engage him must remain unfulfilled in this
nether world.

This very humourous song is just added to the Poet's

countless stock of old and new songs,and he bids it welcome,   

as he is sure that it will amuse and delight those who are at
all politically inclined.    Copies can only be had in the Poet's.

Box, 6, St. Andrew's Lane, Glasgow.

Air?Kate Dalrymple.

Dear me what a change has seen our nation,

Since we've reform'd our legislation,

Each M. P. as is now the fashion,

Brings a new bill every session.
Because one did in the way of peace act,
By getting passed the New Police Act ;

Another wants a grand reversion,

So brings you a Sabbath Bill Coercion !

At this you'll laugh for its meant to gag you,
This is the Bill of St Andrew Agnew.

This worthy, pious emasculator,

Who talks of setting your morals straighter,

Vows by the gods your pleasures to be balking.

He'll put a stop to your Sunday walking

When parsons are preaching, they will be searching,

To collar them that's walking in church time,

The tenants of houses and those of floors then,

Musn't dare venture out of doors then.

At this you'll laugh, &c.

All those who brew their home brew'd beer, then,
At times I'm sure will quake with fear, then,
And dread to let it in the vat lay,
Lest it should happen to work on that day.
Then if you're seized with a cough or phthisic,

You musn't even swallow physical

For 'tis decreed all rest that one day,

so not even SALTS must work on a Sunday !

At this you'll laugh, &c.

Dumb animals they'll be strangely puzzled.

When Sunday comes each dog must be muzzled,

The cocks must on the roosts abide up,

And to slop their crowing their heads must be tied up.

A noise with contempt will the act be treating.

The calves and the sheep must be kept from bleating.

The dairies must close from twelve to twelve, sirs,

And as to the cows, they must milk themselves, sin.

At this you'll laugh, &c.

No duck must lay, no cat must kitten,
The heu must leave her nest though sitting;
Though painful is the separation.
She must quit the scene of incubation !
Married men wilt to quake be inclined then,
       For fear their wives should be CONFIXED then,

       For as no LABOUR'S allowed on Sunday,

       Of course they must be put off 'till Monday !
                                                       At this you'll laugh, &c.

    Saturday Morning, July 31,1858.

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Date of publication: 1858   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(47b)
Broadside ballad entitled 'St Andrew Agnew's Agony Bill'
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