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Broadside ballad entitled 'Struggle for the Breeches'



He, About my wife I mean to sing a very funny song,
She   I hope that yon will tell the truth let it be right or wrong,
He   You know you are an arrant scold, both out of doors and in,
She   I knew you brute it was a he before you did begin.


He so you are inclined I still do find, the breeches for to wear,
She No dear not I, but I will die, or I will have my share.
h. Every morning I must rise before the day does break,
s. Unto the door I do suppose, your water for to make,
h. No it is to light the fire and have the breakfast by,
s. You have such a craving appetite, in bed you cannot lie.
h. Don't contradict me, ron jade nor let my passion rise,
s. You stupid sot, I heed you not, because you are not wise,
h. I tell you to hold your tongue, your temper I cannot bear,

s. You ass if I should hold my tongue my fingers I'd besmear.
h. You promis'd when I married you that you would me obey.
s. You promis'd for to cherish me, but then you went astray,

h.   Woman's made of crook'd mind and was formed in six days,
s.   Yes they are made of pure stuff, but men are filth and clay.
h. Keep silent now, or I will tell your faults so all around.
s. You silly man do all you can, for I will stand my ground,
h. King Soloman said, virtuous wives he could but find a few,
s.    It's lie to say that he was wise, he was a fool like you.
h. Since you provoke me now so far I'll let the truth be known,
s. I know full well my faults you'll tell, but first tell your own,

h. It's neither in nor out of bed, I've any peace with you,

s. you silly fool don't talk of bed. it's little there you do,

h. Then in a public-house you go and there you do sit down,
s. You sot where I spend four-pence, you spend more than a crow
h. The young ones I have got to nurse, and took the cradle too,

s. For fear you should do something worse I leave you that to do

s.That's true but I might show you some droller looking place,
h. And when we down to dinner sit. there you grunt and groan,

s. That is because you eat the beef, and leave me nought but bone

h. You know I 've acted like a man since me and you was joined,
s. Thedevil a bit of manhood ever in you did I find.

h. It in anything I acted wrong explain it to me now,

s. There's many a man that harrows, what another man does so

h. And when tea time It does come on , then you must take the pot

   s. I look for a strong cup of tea, but no such thing I got,
h.And when tha we do go to bed, you can't agreeable be.
s. Because you can't act like a man but turn your back to me.

   h. my father was a wealthy Lord, had houses plo ughs and carts,
s. Yes feathered fowl have wings of gold, we hear in foreign parts
h. my mother was a lady gay, you know it to be true,
s. I wish that she had broke your back and made a lord of you.

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(45a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Struggle for the Breeches'
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