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Broadside ballad entitled 'Drivin' in tae Glesca in a Sour Milk Cart'



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This Popular Song can always be had at the Poet's Box.
224 Qvergate, Duudee,

My name is Jenie Broon, an' I'm servin' at Polnoon,

A farmhoose near Eaglesham,that fine auld-fashioned toon?
Whaur wi' the milk ilk mornin', a wee while after three,
We tak, the road richt merrily,the auld black horse and me.
The ither mornin' early, as the " Borla", I did pass,

I chanced there to forgether wi' a winsome country lass;

When says I,my bonnie lass, if you're gaun that airt,
I'll drive ye in tae Glesca in a sour milk cairt.

Spoken?When he was helpin' me intae the cairt, he
gies me a bit squeeze in the ribs, Says I, "My man keep
yer remarks till ye're better acquainted."


I like the merry fellow wi' his een sae blue,
I like tae see him follow up the harrow and the ploo;
He fairly won my fancy, and stole away my heart,
Drivin' in tae Glesca in the sour milk cairt,

We cracked awa' richt cauntily,as side by side we sat,

An' wi' a blush she tell't me that her name was Maggie Watt

But when passin' by the water-fit, whaur the burn rins loud

and clear,

I slipped my arm aroun' her waist an" spoke love in her ear,
I've heard of lords an' ladies makin' love in shady bowers,
An' hoo they wooed an' won among the roses an' the flowers
But I'll ne'er forget the morning that Cupid threw his dart,
An' made me pop the question in the sour milk cairt.

Noo she has consented, sae gin term time comes roun',
I mean tae buy the harness, plaid, an' braw new silken goon
We're settlin' tae get merrit jist about next August fair,
An' a' oor auld acquaintance, I hope tae see them there.
I never got a hurl inside a carriage a' my days,
Sae, when that I proposed tae get a coach an' pair o' grays,
Na, na, said she, oor siller's scarce, ye, ken we canna spare' t,
Lod, I'd rither hae the jilting o' the sour milk cairt

Spoken?He was weighing out the butter, when the horse
gien a bit stammer. Oh, my ! ye should hae seen me; I gaed
richt head ower heels slap bang richt in amang the butter.
"Oh," Jemie, look at yer butter." "Oh," says he, "never
mind the butter, Maggie; that's jist the way twa loving hearts
should gae thegither. We're gane tae get merrit noo, we're
gane tae get a gran' spree; ye can a' come an bring yer sin tea
an' sugar,But for a that-.                              

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(43a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Drivin' in tae Glesca in a Sour Milk Cart'
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