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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Sights of Glasgow'


The Sights of Glasgow.


This new song, embracing the most principal sights of
Glasgow, is from the pen of Glasgow's favourite comic singer,
Mr CHARLÈS WATSOn, of the Shakspere Saloon, who with
his usual kindness, gave it into the hands of the Poet, that
all and sundry might have the pleasure of singing it at the
fireside circle, soiree, or party. The Poet would advise those
who have not heard Mr Watsun to hasten to the Shakspere
Saloon to hear him, and then to he Poet's Box,

                                       and procure copies of his songs.
Air?Mr Cullen's Glasgow A, B, C.

In this age of wonder, of fashion and delight,

Glasgow is the place of many a funny sight;

There's everything that's winning for the million that is true,

So if you'll pay attention I'll sing 'em unto you.


All you that's fond of novelty come gather round in time,
Of Glasgow sights I've seen a few and brought them out in

I' ll lead you first to Argyle Street, so beautiful and gay,
Where novelty in every shape abounds both night and day,
While crowds into the Arcade drop to gad about and gaze,

On pastry, watches, German flutes, wax dolls and women's

stays.                                           All you. &c,

Now Buchanan Street for beauty has always borne the sway
" There goes a lovely creature.'' the swell will often say ;
With looks so sweet they pass you by, dressed out in silks so


Each looking like a Venus rising from the?Crinoline !
All you, & c.

Now there's the West-end Park laid out with much display
A very pleasant promenade if you can hit the time of day,
You might think yourself in paradise all around you is so

But first clean out the Kelvin, or put it out of sight.

All you, &c.

Then the statue of our little Queen that's in St Vincent Place
Must have been cast when she was " sweet sixteen," at least

judging by the face ;
She keeps sentry on the Western Club to protect the ladies


By frightening all the gentlemen who stay there late o' nights
All you, &c.

You've seen M'Lellan's Gallery of paintings rich and rare,
The Council lately had a row about holdin g soirees there;
One of them said he couldn 't see, in spite of all their reading,
How a Fine Art Hall like that should be a place for nobs to
feed in.                                        All you, &c.

Then there's brave Nelson's monument that's in your spacious


Where lads and lasses go to court, and boys for fighting keen
And coming nearer this a bit the Queen's Theatre you may


Where they murder Shakspere nightly for the very smallest
fee.                                              All you, &c.

Now the last place that I'll mention, and it should have been

the first,

I'm sure that you all know it, say" No" now if you durst,
'Tis the Shakspere in Saltmarket, prop rietor Mr Levy,
Where Charlie Watson hangs out, who is always glad to see.

you.                                              All you, & c.

SONNETS, Written by the POET on the most reasonable
Terms. All kinds of SCHEDULES filled up with the ut-
most accuracy. In all cases the most inviolable secrecy may
be depended upon.

Saturday Morning, May 2,1857.

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Date of publication: 1857   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(21a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Sights of Glasgow'
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