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Broadside ballad entitled 'My Lovely Lowland Caroline'




SOFT rolls Clyde's bonny silver stream,

Blow gentle breezes o'er yon lawn,
Bright Ph?bus with his golden beams,

May cheer the birds while I do mourn.
The damask rose so bonny blows,

And honeysuckles may entwine,
Yet all are adding to my woes?

I' ve lost my lowland Caroline.

There stands my cot by yonder hill,

Where once we dwelt?a happy pair?
Oft on that hill I cry my fill,

All in the midnight hours so drear,
My pleasures seem all like a dream,

To lose a mate who once did shine,

By rich and poor she gain'd esteem,
My lovely Lowland Caroline.

Her form surpass'd all flowers that grow,

Her hair hung o'er her bosom meek,
Like crimson blood, when dipt in snow,

Appear'd each lovely dimpled cheek.
She was the pride of bonny Clyde,

But now she's claimed no more, she's mine,

Grim death has seiz'd my lawful bride,
My lovely Lowland Caroline.

She left behind an infant dear,

Oh, hard it was for me to part,
Her sparkling eye did shed a tear,

As she prest her infant to her heart,
Twas then we took our fond adieu,

Her clay cold lips she prest to mine,
She died a wife and lover true,

My lovely Lowland Caroline

I'll plant around her grave a bower,

And there I'll sit and think of one,
Who died and left behind a flower,

Her babe my knee shall sit upon,
There I'll sit, and there I'll cry,

For her that's gone to one divine,
Oh, what care I if I could die,

And lay with lovely Caroline.

I'll wander by her slumbering clay,

To ease my mind and pass my time,
Oh, cruel death to take away

A spotless fair one in her prime.
I'll wash her grave with floods of tears,

Until my breath I must resign,
And when I've serv'd my given years,

Go down the grave to Caroline.

Printed and Sold by JAMES LINDSAY Stationer &c., 9
King Street, (off Trongate,) Glasgow. Upwards of 5,000
different sorts always on hand ; also, a great variety of
Song-books, Picture-books, &c. Shops and Travellers
supplied on moderate terms.


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Probable period of publication: 1860-1890   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(4b)
Broadside ballad entitled 'My Lovely Lowland Caroline'
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