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Broadside ballad entitled 'Dorrn's Ass'


Dorrn's Ass.

One Paddy Doyle lived near Killearney
He courted a maid called Biddy Toole,
His tongue I own had got some blarney,
Which seemed to him a golden rule.
From day to dawn Pat watched his kaylin,
And often to himself would say?
Sure Biddy is my only darling,
And she's coming to meet me on

One heavenly night in last November,
The moon shone gently from above,
What night it was I can't remember,
But Paddy went to meet his love.
That night Pa had got some liquor,
Which made bis spirits light and gay,
Arrah, What's the use of going quicker ?
When I know she'll meet me on the way

He took out his pipes and been a-ham min
As slowly onward he did creep,
Till whiskey and fatigue soon overcam him
So Pat lay down and fell asleep.
He was not long without a comrade,
And one that could give the pay,
For a big jackass soon smelt out Pat,
And lay down beside him on the way,

As Paddy he lay in a slumber,
And thinking on his Biddy dear,
He dreamed of comforts without number ,
A coming on the ensuing year.
He stretched himself upon the ground,
His spirits felt so light and gay,
But instead Bet he grasped the ass,
Crying, sure I have her any way.

Pat hugged and smugged his hairy messer,
And threw his hat worldly care ;
Crying out, shd's mine, and heaven bles her
But upon my soul I'm getting quare.
Paddy's mate took up the hat,
Crying?welcome straw instead of hay,
Arrah say's Pat, are you going to give us
And don't let me die in such a way.

Now Pat got up and away he cut,
At railway speed, or as fast I'm sure,
And be never stopped a hand or foot,
Till he came slap bang to Biddy's doir,
By this time it was coming morning,
Pat fell on his knees and began to pray,
Crying?let me in my Biddy darling,
For I'm kilt and murthered on the way.

Then Paddy told her all quite civil,
While she prepared the potheen glassv
How he had hugg'd and smugg'd thee ild
Arrah, say's she, that was Doran's ass.
Och says Pat, I think it was,
So they both got wed the following day.
But he ne'er got back the old straw,
That the jackass eat upon the way

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Probable period of publication: 1850-1870   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.178.A.2(070)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Dorrn's Ass'
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