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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Golden Glove'




A wealthy young squire in Tamworth we hear,
He courted a nobleman s daughter so fair,
And for to marry her it was his intent,
All friends and relations gave their consent.

The time was appointed for the wedding day,
A young farmer was appointed to give ber away
As soon as the farmer the young lad   piad,         
He inflamed her heart, O my heart she cried.

She turned from the Squire but nothing she said,
Instead of being married she took to her bed,
The thoughts of the farmer so ran in her mind,
A way for to get him she quickly did find.

Coat, waistcoat, and trowsers she then did put on,
And a hunting she went with her dog and her gun,
She hunted all round when the farmer did dwell,
Because in her heart she did love him full well.

She ofttime fired but nothing she killed,
At length the young farmer came into the field ;
And to discourse with him it was her intent,
With her dog and her gun to meet him she went.

I thought you had been at the wedding she cried,
To wait on the squire and give him a bride,
No, sir, said the farmer, I'll take sword in hand,
By honour I'll her gain whenever she demands.

It pleased the lady to find him so bold,
She gave him a glove that was flowered with gold,
And told him she found it while coming along,
As she was hunting with her dog and her gun.

The lady went home with a heart full of love,
And gave out a notice that she had lost a glove.
She said, he that finds it and brings it to me,
That very same man my husband shall be.

The farmer was pleased when he heard of the news,
With a heart full of love to the lady he goes ;
Dear honoured lady, I have picked up a glove,
And hope you 'll be pleased to grant me your love.

It is already granted, I will be your bride,
I love the sweet breath of a farmer she cried ;
I'll be mistress of my dairy, and milking my cows,
While my jolly farmer is whistling at the plough.

When she was married she told of her fun,
How she went a hunting with her dog and her gun,
But now I have got him fast in a snare,
I'll enjoy him for ever, I vow and declare.

Printed and Sold by JAMES LINDSAY, Whole-
sale Stationer, &c , 9 King Street, (City,) Glas-
gow, Upwards of 5000 different sorts always on
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Probable date of publication: 1852-1859   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.178.A.2(035)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Golden Glove'
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