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Broadside with the words to 'Pop Goes the Weasel'




Now all the girls are going mad,
For pop goes the weasel,
And the finest tune we ever had,
Is pop goes the weasel.
It is danced by Albert and the Queen,
Sweeps do it round the green,            
And many girls have ruined been
By pop goes the weasel.
This dance is very popular,
It is without deception,
pop goes the weasel has been to court,
And met a good reception.
Our Queen she patronised the dance,
No music could be riper,
Says Albert, let them dance away,
John Bull must pay the piper.
At the Royal they dance and sing
Pop goes the weasel,
Barbers thinking of, cut your chin,
Pop goes the weasel.
This dance will cure you of the blues,
The headache, or the measles,
So foot it out with toe and heel,
And sing pop goes the weasel.
Organ boys grind it in the street-
Pop goes the weasel;
The thing to make you feel your feet      
Is pop goes the weasel.                     
It costs the young chaps such a lot,
To treat the girls to you know wot,
The Yeomanry do march and trot
To pop goes the weasel.
Now all you pretty girls beware,
When you are gaily prancing,
And mind and watch your sweethearts well
When you go out dancing;
For if you give the rogues their way,
As in the dance they're bustling,
They'll soon find out the artful dodge,
And then they'll spoil your muslin.
The pretty girls of Glasgow town,
Are near all running mad, sir,         
The weasel dance they swear they'll learn,
In spite of mam or dad, sir.
To lie alone is very hard.
It might bring on the measles,
So as they are all nice and young,
They'll dance pop goes the weasel.
Policemen teach each girl on their beat
Pop goes the weasel,
for which they get all the cold meat,
And pop goes the weasel.
To hear it played, some thousands hop?
Last week a mad bull made a stop,
Then ran into a music shop
For pop goes the weasel.__________

Printed and Sold by JAMES LINDSAY, Sta-
tioner, 9 King Street, (off Trongate,)
Glasgow. Upwards of 5,000 different
sorts always on hand; also, a great variety
of Song-books, &c. Shops and tra-
vellers supplied.

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Probable date of publication: 1852-1859   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.178.A.2(032)
Broadside with the words to 'Pop Goes the Weasel'
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