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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Bishop's March'



Air?" The Laird o' Cockpen"

By a Paisley Reformer.

There are won'erfu news hae come doun to the town,
The Bill's got a desperate crunt on the crown,
The bishops hae gien't sic a terrible whack,
That the maist o folk think they hae broken its back

But there's ae thing I ken too, and that pretty weel;
That the bishops are a' gaun the road to the diel.
And the auld diel will laugh in his snotery sleeve,
When the carles come doun to kiss his black neive.

And there will be sporting when ance its begun,
But we'll no let Auld Hugh get the hale o the fun
For maybe King William may gie them a ca',
To tell them he wants nane o' their service ava.

Gude troth they'll be roaring when that comes to pass
And howling in style counter, tenor, and bass ;
When Willie commands Earl Grey and the rest,
Gae kick them a' out for their nought but a pest-

Assemble ye pipers, and blind fiddlers and a'
Play up the rogue's march when they're gaun awa.
Auld Hugh's at their head wi' a sword in his hand,
And the follow quick march at the word o comman

Gude folks a' draw round me as close as you can,
I've a secret to tell ye I canna keep lang,
The very last rout o' these rogues will be fun
To a' true Reformers aneath the bright sun.

O what will we do wi' the sneeveling gang
We neither can thole them nor suffer them lang ;
We'll roup them for preachers, and send them abroad
To teach and oppress in the kingdom o' Nod.

And then we'll be quit o' their tithes an' tithe pigs,
Their thousands a-year, and their weel-pouthered
        wigs :
They may raise their tithe-buffaloes there if they please
But here they'll get nothing, nor livin in peace.

The rascals pretend too, they can't spell Reform,
But hoo will they like when it comes to Deform;
When the Radicals rise too they'll may be no like
When their palaces a' melt like snawaff the dyke.

To tell ye truth lads we like no amiss,
To hae our ain will and we'll get it in this?
That the King and his Ministers?God bless them a'
Will pass the Reform Bill ere winter gae 'wa'.

If it dinna pass, lads, ye'll get mair than the blame
We'll convoy ye a bit o' the way to your hame:
Auld Hugh 'ill step out to the mouth o' the den,
To welcome these brave Loyal Gentlemen ben.

If the King should want help too we'll gie him a
He'll get thousands o' Ten pounders under command
Hurrah for King Bill !Reform Bill, for them baith
Hurrah ! True Reformer's as lang's ye hac breath.

G. Caldwell, Printers.

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Probable date published: 1832   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.178.A.2(010)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Bishop's March'
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