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Broadside entitled 'Trials Concluded'





This day (April 26th) the Glasgow Circuit Court of
Justiciary   was opened   by   Lords    M'Kenzic   and
Medwyn, when after the usual preliminaries were
gone through, the court oommenced with the trial
James M'Call, aggravated assault and previously convicted, remitted to
the sheriff.
Mary Poyd or M'Klusky. theft,   18 months Palsley bridewell.
Charles M'Murrich or M'Murrer and Dennis Haggarson or Haggart
aggravated assault, outlawed.      
Cathaline Campbell, theft 2 years Glasgow bridewell.
William Downie, theft by housebreaking, habit and repute and previously
convicted, 7 years transportation
John Ferguson, aggravated assault, 9 months imprisoument in jail.
William M'Kay, rape or assault to ravish 7 years transportation.
Robert White bigamy. 9 months in jail.
Elizabeth Wardrop. the I, habit and repute, seven years transportation.
John Adam, theft, habit and repute, prev. con. 14 vears transportation.
Sally Donnechie theft, habit and repute, prev. con. 7 yrs. transportation.
John Miller, theft, habit and repute, 7 years' transportation.
John Roney, theft, previously convicted, 18 months bridewell.
James or George Campbell   falsehood, fraud and wilful imposition,and
previously convicted.,7 years' transportation.
Samuel Hastic, theft. habit and repute, prev. conv. 7 yrs. transportation.
Donald M'Kay and William Hand, theft by hausebreaking. habit and
repute, 7 years' transportation
William Wilson, aggravated assault, 12 months imprisonment.
Thomas M'Graw, theft, habit and repute, 7 years. transportation.
William M'Farlane, theft, habit and repute, previously convicted, 7 years


John M Kinlay, stealing woollen yarn, &C. 7 years transportation.
John Livingstone, housebreaking and theft, pled guilty, 7 yrs trans.
John Miller, Robert Anderson, and William ! horotan, cnarged with
assault and robberv, pled guilty; the two former were sentenced to
transportation for life, and Thornton to 14 years.

Robert M'Inanlly was put the bar, charged with the murder of his own
father, by striking him a blow on the forehead with a poker, which caused
his death, on Sunday the 20th day of March last : the prisoner pleaded
not guilty. and after a long and tedious trial, he was found guilty of
culpable homicide, and santenced to 9 months' imprisonment in bridewell.
George Downie, theft by housebreaking, opening lockfast places, 7 year
Henry Spruell, theft, habit and repute, 7 years' transportation.
Peter Fleming robbery or theft, and previously conv. 7 years' transpor
michael Murray, theft. prev. con. 18 months bridewell.
John M'Lennan, theft, outlawed.
Archibald Brownlee, theft by housebreaking, outlawed.

William Robertson, theft by housebreaking, pled guilty, 7 years trans.
Marion Hutchison or Campbell, theft, habft & rep. pled not guilty, 7 years
Daniel Graham, theft, pled guilty, 12 mouths imprisonmenton bridewell.
Lawrence M'Dermaid, culpable homicide, pled not guilty, A verdict of
guilty was returned, and sentenced to 12 months bridewell
Robert Kerr and Doneld M'Naught, robbery, the former pled not guilty
M.Naught was outlawed ; Kerr was sentenced to 14 years transportation
Joseph Crosswaitne, assault and robbery, transportation for life.
James Reid, theft and assault, habit and repute, pleaded guilty of assault
but not guilty of theft, was sentenced to 14 years transportation.
Mary Gillcapie and Joan Finlay, theft   7 years transportation.
This concluded the business of the Western Circuit.

John Muir. Printer, Princcs Strect.

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Probable date of publication: 1830   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(130)
Broadside entitled 'Trials Concluded'
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