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Broadside concerning the proceedings of the Circuit Court of Justiciary, Glasgow


Trial & Sentence

Of all the various Prisoners who have appeared at the Bar of
the Circuit Court of Justiciary in Glasgow, since its com-
mencement on Wednesday the 2d May, 1827.

GLASGOW, 2d May,1827.

This day, the Circuit Court of Justiciary was opened here by Lords Gillies and
Alloway ; the Rev. Dr. Lockhart opened the Court by prayer.

Mathew Baird, for robbery; George Campbell, for murder; Archd. M'Lean,
housebreaking; and John Stewart, for theft, were all outlawed, and the diet was
deserted, pro loco et tempore, aganist Wm. M'Farlane, for murder.

John Leslie, theft, by house breaking, Guilty; to be transported 14 years.

Hugh Campbell, theft in Greenock, pled Guilty. 7 years transportaion.

Mary Hendrie, theft at Busbie, pled Guilty. 12 months in Bridewell.

Margaret Smith, theft in Calton, pled Guilty. 7 years transportation.

Patrick Kerr and Bernard M'Inally , housebreking, Paisley, pleaded Guilty.?
7 years transportation.

Hugh M'Ilvain, uttering a forged note, pled Guilty.    7 years transportation.

Geo. Moffat and James Harper, theft, Gorbals, Gulity. 7 years transportation.
George Sutherland, theft in Ander ton, pled   Guilty .14 years transportation.

Robert Smith, for assault and robbery, pled guilty . 14 years transportation.

Agnes Cameron, assault in Kilpatrick, Guilty ; 9 months in Dumbarton jail.   

Thomas Howie, theft in Gorbals, pled guilty 14 years transpoatation.

David Mullin, uttering forged notes, pled Guilty. 14 years transportation.

Thomas Hutchison, discharging fire-arms in strathaven, Guilty, 6 months in
the Jail of Glasgow.

John M'Lachian, theft, in Calton , pled Guilty. 7 years transportation.

James Stewart, uttering forged notes, pled Guilty. 7 years transportation.

Robert Johnston and W. Johnston, sheep-stealing, outlawed for not appearing.

Thomas Miller, theft, Not Proven, and he was dismissed from the bar.

John Ross and W. Marshall, housebreaking Guilty ; 7 years transportation.

Thursday.?Arch. M'Lean & James M'Crae, theft Guilty. Sentence delayed.

Robert M'Menemie alias M'Kirdy, theft, pled guilty. Sentence delayed.

John Donald, sheep-stealing at Carstairs, guilty; to be transported 14 years.

James Colquhoun, uttering forged notes, pled guilty. Sentence delayed.

Walter M'Farlane, accused of murdering his infant child in Anderston
Walk, was proved to be insane, and is to be confined in Bridewell for hie, or aye
and until his friends give sufficient security for his safe custody elsewhere.
John Wright, theft, guilty and John Muir, reset, outlawed. Sentence delayed.

James Wilkison, from Paisley, for horse-stealing, guilty. Sentence delayed.

Wm. M'Pherson, for bigamy, guilty; sentence, 18 months in Bridewell.

Jn. Donaldson, shop-break ng, Argyll Street, guilty, to be transported for life.

Elizabeth Livingston, theft in Greenock, pled guilty. Sentence delayed.

John White, theft, pled guilty. Sentence delayed

Friday.?John Kerr, for murdering his own wife in Greenock, was found guilty,
and sentenced to be Executed here on the 6th of June, and his body to be given
for dissection.

Among other trials which took place at the Ayr Circuit, was that of James
Austen, for uttering forged notes; he was sentenced to be executed at Ayr on
the 25th day of May. Application has been made to his Majesty for a reprieve.

A PENITeNT.?At the last Salisbury Assizes, sentence of death was passed on
Raymond Road for horse-stealing; and, from that moment, up to the time of his
reprieve, no one could be more devout, or apparently penitent; but immediately
on hearing the news that mercy had been obtained for him, he returned the bible
and prayer book which had been lent him, saying, " that he had now no further
occasion for them."               

                                          W. Carse, Printer, Glasgow.

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Date of publication: 1827   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(095)
Broadside concerning the proceedings of the Circuit Court of Justiciary, Glasgow
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