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Broadside entitled 'Trial & Sentence'


Trial & Sentence

Of Two Men and Two Women before the High Court of Jus-
ticiary at Edinburgh, on Wednesday the 5th of this month,
November, 1823, for the barbarous Murder of Mr John M'-
Clure in July last, as he was returning from Ochiltree Sacrament
were found Guilty, and sentenced to be Executed at Ayr, on
Friday the 12th of December next, and their bodies to be given
for dissection, with the conversation which took place between
them and their visitors after their sentence.

Edinburgh, Wednesday Nov. 5th.?This day the High Circuit Court of Justiciary
met, when JAMES ANDERSON, collier, and DAVID GLEN, weaver, MARGA-
RET FREW and MARGARET ANDERSON, all belonging to Ayr, were put to
the bar, charged with the murder of Mr John M'CIure, weaver, on Sunday the 6th
of July last.

It appeared from the evidence, that on the above day, a number of people from
Ayr had been attending the Ochiltree Sacrament, among whom was the deceased, and
in the evening about nine o'clock, he, in company with a Mr Thomas Young, a stu-
dent in Divinity, were returning home in peace and quietness. In the course of the
afternoon, the prisoners had entered the Holmston toll-house, and after drinking for
some time, and behaving in a most riotous manner, left the house without paying for
the'drink, and carrying away with them several articles belonging to the landlady.?
This disgraceful proceeding was but the prelude, to others of a more violent nature.
A number of respectable men and women in can who were also returning from Och-
iltree were first abused in the very worst language, and then with horrid imprecations.
threatened with violence, and it was only by increasing the rapidity of the horse that
they escaped,

A great many witnesses were examined who fully confirmed the fact that the de-
ceased met his death in a clandestine manner.

The Jury retired for a short time, and returned with a verdict, finding James An-
derson and David Glen. Guilty, and the women Not Guilty, and they were dismissed.

His Lordship, in passing sentence, observed?After an anxious investigation into
your case ; after weighing the transactions of that fatal night, and after hearing the
Counsel in your defence, an intelligent British Jury have found you Guilty of murder.
I beseech you to pass the few days allotted you in earth, in preparation for the unnum-
berad days of eternity. His Lordship then sentenced him to be Executed at Ayr, on
Friday the 12th of December next, and their bodies to be given for dissection.

They behaved in a very composed manner in Court, but on retiring to their lonely
cell the thought of appearing in another world, weighed heavy on their minds.?The
dreadful reality appeared in their view, and the visage of him, who was departed, kept
their guilty consciences in awful suspense. Eternity before then ; judgment ready
to meet them ; the guilt of this, as well as former crimes, stinging them like an adder,
all combined to harrow their feelings and cast a deep colouring on their gloomy cell.
Next morning, the dawn.of day, removed for a little, the gloom which hung over their
guilty minds. The kind treatment of those who took an interest in their future wel-
fare. soothed their feelings and enabled them to look forward to that future state of
being, where the most guilty sinner, through deep and genuine repentance, will be
received as a welcome guest. With such a hope they are now cheered ; with such a
hope they are now ready to die ; and the few short days of time, appear to them as
nothing when Compared to that vast eternity, to which they are invited, through the
hope of the gospel, to anticipate happiness.

W. Carse, Printer, Glasgow.

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Date of publication: 1823   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(066)
Broadside entitled 'Trial & Sentence'
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