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Broadside regarding trials and sentences at the Glasgow Court of Justiciary



Glasgow, Sept. 22d, 1823.?The Court of Justiciary was opened by the Right Hon.
the Lords Justice Clerk and Hermand, when, after an impressive prayer from the
Rev. Dr. Chalmers, the Court proceeded to try the following cases:?

John Reilley, or Ryley, and Mary M'Adam, or Martin, housebreaking and reset.
The latter pleaded not guilty, and was dismissed from the bar; the former pleaded
guilty, and was sentenced to 14 years' transportation.

Peter Rice, robbery In Grcenock, to be transported for life.?Libel was restricted.

Cornelius M' Kean, William Keel alias Cornelius M' Kean alias William M' Keel, for
theft and housebreaking; to be transported 7 years.?Libel restricted.

John Shaw, residing in Greenock, for assaulting and abusing his wife to the danger
of her life, was found Guilty, and sentenced to 14 years' transportation.

William Montgomerie, for several acts of theft in Greenock, and being habit and
repute a thief, pled Guilty, and received the sentence of 14 years' transportation.

Alexander M'Dongall, for theft and housebreaking in Greenock ; be was found
guilty of the theft.?Sentenced to Paisley Bridewell for 18 months, with hard labour.

John Sinclair and Hugh M'Dougall for thefl and housebreaking in Paisley, and
being habit and repute thieves, pled Guilty to the theft.?To be transported 7 years.

Tuesday, Sept. 23d?The Court met this iaorning; when G. Campbell for murder
was outlawed.

Mary Little, for theft in Candleriggs Street, and being habit and repute a thief,
pled guilty; sentenced to 14. years' transportation.

Alex. M'Phie, John Baird, Andrew Adamson, and Walter Winning, for mobbing
and ricting on Mr. Harvie's estate.?Sentence, 6 months' imprisonment in Glasgow
jail, and sureties for 30 each.

Edward M' Caffer, Peter M' Queen, Francis Cain and Archd. Gibson, aseault and
robbing James Maxwell, coppersmith, of a gold watch with a gold chain and two
gold seals, a purse containing eight pound notes, some silver, and his hat, on the 9th.
July last, the three former were found Guilty ; M' Cafier and Cain are to be Executed
at Glasgow on the 29th of October next.    M' Queen is to be transported for life.

Archibald Knox, assault, stabbing and wounding.?Guilty, 7 years' transportation.
Wm. Cain, theft ; left to the Sheriff. (He is brother to the young man conde/ill/.
James Barton, sheriff officer, Greenock, theft; honourably asquitted.         
James Redpath, for fracturing the skull of Wm. Campball, labourer, of which wound
he died, was found guilty of culpable homicide. Sentence to year's trnsportation.
Thursday, Sept. 25th.? Win. M' Garyie, for assault at Paisley, was found Guilty.
and sentenced to be whipped there on the 9th Oct. next, and to be transported 14 years.

Magerat Bishop, theft ; 6 months in Bridewell.

G. Galbrith, theft; 12 months in Bridewell.

Alex. M'Kay, P. M' Conachie, Jn. Robertson, Wm. Walker and Archd. Nicholsosn;
tenters, for throwing vitriol on Wm. Kyle, and assault. 14 years' transportation each.

Friday, Sept. 20th.?George Laidlaw and George Spittal, for breaking into a jewel-
ier's shop in Nelson Street, and stealing a great quantity of watches and other jewel-
lery articles, were round Guilty; Laidtaw to be Executed on the 29th October; and
Spittal sentenced to transportation for life.

J. Lawrie, for housebreaking and theft in Renfrewshire; 7 years' transportation.

Wm. White, John Paisley, Mrs Paisley. Letita Philips or Davies, and Maria Sinclair,
housebreaking and reset of theft ; White sentenced to 13 mouths.' imprisonment, and
the rest to 14 years' transportation.

J. Low, J. M ' Donald, J. M' Manus, theft ; sentenced to 14 years' transportations

J. Morton, theft ; 7 years transportation.

Mary Scott, J. Gibson, M. M'Donald, theft ; remitted to the Sheriff.

J. Donaldson, assault ; outlawed.

Saturday, Sept. 25th.?Win. Boyd, Henry Wilson, Henry Marshall, Ju. Buchanas
and Janet Gardner for theft ; Marshall was sentenced to 14 years, and Boyd, Buehan-
an, and Gardner, to 7 years' transportation. Wilson was disaissed.

Peter Sinclair, Alexander Browa, and Kerr Young, for robbery ; Sinclair was found
guilty, and is to be transported for life; the other two were disimissed from the bar.

R. Gibson, theft, and P. Reid reset ; first to be transported 14, the latter, 7 years.

J. Mathieson and his wife, and D. Twaddell, theft ; Twadell, 7 years trinspota-
tion ; Mathleson's case was not proven, and his wife was outlawed.

David Wylie, William Johnston, David Dunsmore, Ann Hunter, or Dunsmore, Ja.
Toy and James Ferguson, for housebreaking and theft ; Fergusou was outlawd ;
Wylie and Johnston were sentenced to be Executed on the 12th Nov. next, and the
other two Dunsmore and his wife, transported for 14 years ; To dismissed.

Besides those tried above, there are about 12 persons outlawed for different crimes.

W. Carse, Printer, Glasgow.

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Date of publication: 1823   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(063)
Broadside regarding trials and sentences at the Glasgow Court of Justiciary
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