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Broadside entitled 'Trials and Sentences'


Trials & Sentences

Glasgow, April 23, 1823-?This day the Cir-
cuit Court of Justiciary was opened here by
Lords Succoth and Gillies, and after the usu-
al proclamation had been made the Court ad-
journed, in consequence of its being his Ma-
jesty's birth-day.

Thursday, the Court met at ten o'clock,
when the following prisoners were put to the
bar ?               

Alex M'Dermid and m. Murray for brea-
king into the spirit cellar, Trongate, called
" Charlie's Stable, and stealing a variety of
articles, pled Guilty, and were sentenced to
14 years transportation.

Catherine Harkness or Greenshieids, theft,
pled Guilty and was sentenced to two years im
prisonment in Bridewell.

Matthew Turnbull, for breaking into the
house of John Lethem, Laurieston, and steal
L.60, pled guilty, and was sentenced to be
transported beyond seas for life.

James Wilson and John Gilchrist for rob-
bing the house of Mr Macarthur, York-street,
Glasgow, of a great variety of wearing appparel
rel. After a short trial WILSON was found
guilty, and sentenced to be Executed on Wed-
nesday the 4th of June next. Gilchrist was
dismissed from the bar

Peter Conacher, accused of assaulting and
stabbing William Rae, pled Guilty, and was
sentenced to 12 months imprisonment in

John M'Kenna for uttering forged notes. 14
years transportation.

George Campbell, accused of murder; diet
deserted, and re committed on a new warrant
James Clerk, theft, outlawed

John Thomson, theft, pleaded guilty; seven
years transportation.
    Robert Scott, theft; outlawed.

Ann Mackechnie, and John M'Donald,
theft; diet deserted.

R. M'Neill, theft, dismissed from the Bar.

Wm Murray or Morrow, Daniel Hunter or
Reid and Wm. Beveridge, theft; Murray ban-
ished for life, the others seven years.

Thos. M'Millan, culpable homicide, dismis-
sed from the Bar.

M. Grass J. Buchanan and T. Grass, from
Greenock, perjury; outlawed, M. Grass after-
wards appeared, and is under a new warrant.

Wm. Rentoul and Archd. lyfe, for debauch-
ing the minds of young girls, the former re-
committed, and the latter out sved.

A. Mackay, robbery, transported for life.

Wm. Ure, Neil M'Cann, and James Muir,
theft; Ure pled guilty and was sentenced to
12 months imprisonment, M'Cann and Muir
recommitted on a new warrant.

JOHN M'DONALD, tor on the morning of
the 8th of February last, by means of false
keys, breaking into a shop situated on the east

side ofCandleriggs street,Glasgow, occupied
by Moss Mosely, jeweller and watchmaker,
and carrying away, 18 silver watches, and
various other articles of hardware and jewel-
lery, and being habit and repute a thief. He
was found Guilty and sentenced to be hanged
on the of June next.

Wm and John Clark, assaulting and mob-
bing; John outlawed, and Wm six months im-

Wm Carvel, theft; 7 years transportation.

Alex Foster, Walter Gray, and Wm. Mac.
alister, for robbing Chas Dewar on the Streets
of Greenock, were dismissed from the bar.

John and James Munningall; deforcing, the
former was outlawed, and the latter dismissed.

Hugh Gallaghen, for theft in Greenock;
diet deserted.                                 

Adam Wallace, assault; 12 months in Pars-   
ley Jail.                                                         

John Sinclair and Hugh M'Dougal, theft;
Diet deserted                                                

D Wylie and Wm Johnstone, housbreak
ing, and D Dunsmore, Ann Hunter or Duns.
more, John Toy, and J Ferguson, for reset.
Fergusson was outlawed, and the others re-
committed on a new warrant.

Robt Campbell and John Brown for break-
ing into a warehouse in Stirling street, and
stealing a large quantity of   coloured yarn,
dismissed from the bar.                              

Joseph Arbuckle and John Kyle, theft; Kyle
outawed, Arbuckle 3 months in Jail.

Thos Weir, assault and prisonbreaking; 14
years transportation.

James Quin and John M'Carell, theft; to be
taken to Edinburgh.

Colin Douglas, theft; 7 years .transportation,

C M'Cann, theft; dismised from the Bar.

A Corgan or Colgan, theft, diet deserted.

F. Weir, R. Cunnigham, Jas. Cross Wilson,
and John Donaldson, theft; diet deserted.

William M'Gowan, violating the sepulclres
of the dead; certified to the High Court.

James Ruthven, culpable homicide, dismis-
ed from the Bar.

Elizabeth Devan or M'Donald, asault; 3
months' imprisonment in Bridewell,

3 Alexander, for wilful fireraising; recom-
mitted on account of being insane.

Wm Russel, A M'Arthur, and A. M'Lar-
ty, culpable homicide, by running down the
Catherine of Iona; certified to the High Court;

James Scott, assault with intent to ravish;
case given up.

W Donnochie or Macdonnough, and Jos,
Leslie, their; 14 years transportation.

Robt Smellie, perjury, certified to the High

John Ballie, perjury, Guilty;to be sentenced
at Edinburgh.    This   ended    the criminal

John Muir Printer Glasgow.

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Date of publication: 1823   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(053)
Broadside entitled 'Trials and Sentences'
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