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Broadside entitled 'Trials and Sentences'


Trials & Sentences

Of all the different Prisoners who have stood their Trials before the

Circuit Court of Justiciary, which commenced on Monday last,when


were sentenced to be Executed on Wednesday the 29th of October
next, for Robbery.

Glasgow, September 22, 1823?This day
the Circuit Court of Justiciary was opened
here by the Lords Justice Clerk and Hermand
and after the usual ceremonies had been gone
over, the following persons were put on trial:

Alex. M'Niel alias Campbell, and W m. M'-
Pherson alias Jones, for housebreaking and
theft in Greenock. Outlawed.

J. Lod or Logg and Jas. M'Cargal, for as-
sault. Outlawed.

J. Reilly & Mary M'Adam, for housebreak-
ing and theft in Lochwinnoch; the former to
be transported 14 years; and the latter dismis-
sed from the bar.

Peter Rice, robbery in Greenock; transpor-
ted for life.

Cornelins M'Kean Wm. M'Kerl, alias Cor-
nelius M' 'Kan, housebreaking & theft; seven.
years transportation.

John Shaw, flesher, from Greenock, for vio-
lently abusing his wife; 14 years transportation

W m. Montogomery, theft in Greenock; 14
years transportation.

A. M'Dougall, stealing copper in Greenock;
18 months in Paisley Bridewell.

J. Sinclair and H. M'Daugall, housebreak-
ing and theft in Paisley; 7 years transportation.

D. Graham and H. M'Grigor, assault; the
former three months imprisonment, and the
larter acquitted.               

George Campbell, murder; outlawed for
not appearing.

Mary Little, theft; 14 years transportation.

A. M'Phie, J. Baird, A. Adamson, & W.
Winning, accused of breaking down the dyke
at Wes-thorn, belonging to Mr. T. Harvie;
pleaded guilty and were sentenced to 6 months
imprisonment, and to give bonds for L.50 to.
keep the peace for three years.

Edward M'Caffer,   Peter   M'Queen,   and
Francis Cain, accused of assaulting and rob-
blng. James Maxwell, coppersmith, of a gold
watch, with gold chain, and two gold seals,
a purse containing eight pound notes, some
silver, and his hat, on the 9th of July last,
pleaded Not Guilty.                        

A number of witnesses were examined, and
the Jury returned a verdict finding the pri-
soners guilty, but recommended M'Queen to
mercy. His Lordship then sentenced M'Caffer
and Cain to be executed at Glasgow on Wed-
nesday the 29th of October next, and M'Queen
transported for life.

Archd- Knox, for stabbing and wounding;
7 years transportation.

William Rentoul, debauching young girls;

Robert Paterson, assault; outlawed.

Mary Horn, for the murder of Janet M'La-
ren, a deaf and dumb woman, by striking her
on the head with a large hammer, in a fit of
jealousy on the 2d of August lust, was found
guilty, but not with a malicious intent. To
be sent to Edinburgh to receive sentence.

Wm. Cain (brother of Francis Cain capitally
condemned), theft; to be tried by the Sheriff.

Jas. Barton, sheriff-officer, from Greenock,
theft; honourably acquitted.

James Redpath, plane-maker, for fracturing
the skull of Wm. Campbell, labourer, of which
wound fee died, was found guilty of culpable
homicide. 14 years transportation.

Thursday--The Court met at nine o'clock.

William Gemmil, forgery; outlawed,

J. Curr, deforcing a messenger; outlawed.

John Duncan, accused falsehood, fraud, &
wilful imposition; outlawed

Margaret Bishop, theft; 6 months Bridewell.

G. Galbraith, theft; 12 months in Bridewell.

William M'Garvie, from Paisley, assault ;
sentenced to be whipped through Paisley any
day that the Magistrates may think proper,
and to be transported for 14 years.

                Printed by John Muir, Glasgow.

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Date of publication: 1823   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(050)
Broadside entitled 'Trials and Sentences'
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