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Broadside entitled 'Trial & Sentences'


Trials & Sentences

Of all the different Prisoners who stood their Trials before the Circuit Court of Justiciary
at Glasgow, which commenced on the 11 th April, 1821, when two persons received sentence
of Death.

Wednesday the Circuit Court was opened
here by Lords Pitmilly and Meadowbank, and
after the usually formalities, the following pri-
soners were put to the Bar:?

George Allan, for stealing a box of jewel-
lery. from the house of Wm. Smith, Lesma-
hagow, was outlawed for not appearing.

William Moore, Thomas Counell, James
Reid, Charles M'Donald and William M'Nicol,
accused of breaking into the house of Christian
M'Morran. baby linen maker, Argyll-street,
on the 22d November last, and stealing a quan-
tity of plate and soft goods, viz: 6 silver table
spoons, silver sugar tongs, 8 silver tea spoons,
2 silver toddy laddles, a gold mounted broach,
silk plaids, black satin, silk gauze dresses a
veil, handkerchiefs, 60 pair leather gloves, &c.
pleaded Not Guilty.

Several of the witnesses having been examin-
ed, they were found guilty; and. Moore, being
habit and repute thief, was sentenced to be exe-
cuted on the 16th of May next; and the others
to be transported for 14 years. Moore is only
17 years of age.

Margaret Lyon, Margaret M'Leod,and Ag-
nes Taylor, accused of breaking in to the house
of Donald Morrison, Greenock, on the 21st o.
January last, and stealing a variety of articles.
Taylor was dismissed?and the other two ha'
ving pled guilty, was sentenced to six months
imprisonment in Paisley Bridewell.

Marion Lamond or Lamont,accused of steal-
ing L.9 from the house of Thomas Fleeming,
farmer at Edstone, in the parish of Stonehouse;
pled guilty, and was sen;enced to nine months'

Archibald M'Nicol, cotton spinner, accused
of attempting to discharge a pistol, loaded with
balls and slugs, at the person of James Hen-
derson, cotton-spinner residing in Chrch-
street of Johnston, on the night of the 1st Jan-
uary last, while he was returning from Cartside
to his own house, pled not guilty. Henderson,
had been with his wife taking a cup of tea at
his father-in-law's house at Cartside, was re-
turning home about ten o'clock, when the pan-
nel came up to him, and d?g the witness for
a b?r, snapped a pistol, pointing it to his left
haunch, the muzzle of which touched his body;
he instantly pursued him, and by the assistance
of another person, who knocked ,him down, he
Was secured, A number of persons corrobo-
rated the above evidence, and the pannel was
found guilty. To be whipped through John-
stone on the 23th April, betwixt the hours of
12 and 4, aud to be transported 14 years.

Wm. Campbell for assault, pled guilty, and.
was sentenced to 6 months in Bridewell.

Barnard Kean, robbery, and Dun. Graham,
theft. diets deserted pro loco ot tempore.

William Swan, messenger at arms, for issu-
ing two forged L.5 notes on the Paisley Bank,
at Airdrie, on the 8th Nov. last, was found
guilty, and sentenced to be Hanged on the
16th May next. On receiving sentence, he
declared before God and man that he was in-
nocent of the crime laid to his charge. His-
Lordship advised the prisoner to hope for no
mercy, but to make his peace with the Al-
mighty. The prisoner was formerly tried, for
a similar offence, but the libel was found not

A. Frazer for marrying Catharine Harley,
his first wife being still alive, pleaded guilty.,
10 months imprisonment.

Alex. Low and Alex. M'Donald, for break-
ing into the porter lodge of James Cleland,
Esq., on the 8th July last, and stealing a quan-
tity of wearing apparel, &c. pleaded guilty.?
14 years transportation.

Alex. Brown, R. Knox, and James Stewart,
for theft. Recommitted to prison.

R. Porter and J. Dixon, for stealing from the
work-shop of John Drew, jappanner, a quan-
tity of jappanned goods. Six months hard la-
bour in bridewell.

D. M'Grigor for stealing seven cows, plead-
ed guilty. 14 years transportation.

J. Sharpe for discharging a loaded pistol at
A. Livingstone and wounding him,on the 19th
Jan. 182O, pled guilty. 14 years transportation.
The prisoner was lately tried at Edinburgh for
the same offence and sentenced to be executed,
but one of the jury being a minor, the trial was
declared null and void.

G. Bell alias J. Graham for stealing from a
shop at Newhouse, parish of Bothwell, pleaded
guilty. 14 years transportation.

J. Bowie, cotton-spinner in Johnstone, ac-
cused of throwing sulphuric acid upon the face
of Alex. Fisher, cotton spinner there, on the
29th Nov. last; after a long trial, the libel was
found not proven.

P. Millen, cotton-spinner, for throwing vi-
triol on J. Cairney, in Gorbals, whereby he lost
an eye, was found Not Proven, at 3 o'clock on
Saturday morning.

Saturday ?R. Thomson, 13 years of age, for
housebreaking and habit and repute a thief,
Guilty. 14years transportation.

This finishes the Western Circuit.

John Muir, Printer.

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Date of publication: 1821   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(017)
Broadside entitled 'Trial & Sentences'
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