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Broadside concerning the trials and sentences of prisoners in Glasgow, 1820


A particular Account of the Trial and Sentences of all the
prisoners who have stood their trials at the present   Circuit
Court, which commenced at Glasgow, on Wednesday 26th
April, 1820.

This day, the Circuit Court was opened here, by the                    it well down previous to going to church.    The window
Hon. Lords Gillies and Succoth.                                                looked into the stables of James Hannah ; it bad not been
Matthew Orr and David Jardine,   accused of theft?                    lifted up, but forced in, and his chest which stood under
Jardine was outlawed, and Orr plead not guilty, and was            the window was broken open, and four pound notes and
dismissed from the bar.                                                               one guinea note a silver watch, and several neckcloths
Robert Wylie and Agnes Richardson or Findlater, the                    and handkerchiefs, carried away.    There was about 100l.
former of theft, and the latter for reset?Wylie sentenced            below his clothes, which had not been noticed by the
to   be   transported   for   seven   years,    and   Richard-            theives.    The neighbours and witness suspected M'Guire.
son re-committed en a new warraot.                                               who lived opposite, and   was often in his house,   and
John Sinclair, accused of theft and being habit and re-                    wrought in the stables fronting the back window in ques-
pute a thief; plead not guilty ; he was dismissed from the            tion.    Witness went to Park's lodgings, as the neighbours
bar.                                                                                            told him that he and M'Guire had been seen together some
Francis Quin alias Queen, accused of housebreaking                    time before, but he was not within.    He then went to the
and theft; the diet was deserted.                                                         Police Office, and got two officers to go in search of the
Daniel Craig, Thomas Brown, James Drans; and John                 suspected persons.
Wilson, accused of housebreaking and theft; Craig plead
guilty, and sentenced to 14 years' transportation ; Brown,               Donald Cameron, criminal officer, recollects of Highet
Deans, and Witsen was outlawed for not appearing.                  giving information on a Sunday that his house had been
Thomas Hunter, accused of housebeaking and theft,                    broken into, and expressing his suspicion that two lads of
pled not guilty; he was found guilty, and sentenced to 14            the names of M'Guire. and Park were. guilty, and wished
years' transportation.                                                               a be made for them ; after some time spent in
John Halliday, accused of assaulting and slabbing Jas .            looking for them, M'Guire was at length discovered walk-
Fitzgerald, (one of the City O'fficers,) in the belly with a                    ing with a woman in Bridgegate ; he was searched on the
large hnife, on the 8'h of Sept. last, .in the Saltmarlret-                    street, and sent to the Police Office; they then went along
Street, was brought to the bar; he pleaded Not Guilty.                      with M'Guire's aunt to her house, where they saw Park
After examining several witnesses, the Jury, without                    and Hanton, who confessed that they had broken into
retling, found   the prisoner Guilty, and   was Sentenced                 Highet's house.
to seven years transportation.                                                                              
John Boyle and James Daily, accused of breaking into               Donald Frazer corroborated the evidence of Cameron,
she house of Mr. John Black, merchant, in, Jamaica Street,            Hanton called him   aside in M'Guire's aunt's ; told him
on the 7th Sept 1819, and stealing two dozen of cambric            that the watch was in the house, and that Park was as
neckcloths, and   several other articles.       Boyle pleaded            guilty as himself; witness asked him where the pocket-
Guilty, and was sentenced to fourteen years transporta.            book was with the latae sum of money, but of this Hau-
tion. " Daily was outlawed for not appearing.                                ton denied all,knoweldge.
James Miller, Robert Aitken, Samuel M'Kny, and Ro-
bert.Sinclair, accused of stealing   19 guineas, from the               Janet M'Lachlan lives near Highet's, and her testimony
Townhead Victualling Society, Paisley.    Miller was out-            went to prove that all the prisoners were seen about the
lawed for not appearing, and the others dismissed from                    premises at the very time when the crime was committed
the bar.                                                                                      Park and Hanton came out of the entry leading to Highet's
John M'Kelvie, William M'Aulay, and Arthur Higgins,                    bach window ; M'Guire was sitting on a stone opposite
accused of assaulting, beating and wounding James Mac-            the entrance, apparently on the look out.    They all went
Adam, and Helen Baxter, his wife, on the 17th Novem.                    away about the same time,
ber last.   Higgins was outlawed for not   appearing, and
the others were found guilty.   Sentence delayed.                             John Morrison, St. Enoch's Wynd, hnows highet, and
John Armstrong or Robertson, acoused of breaking in-                    recollects of his house brine robbed    He was standins at
In the workshop of Wm. Chapman wright, High-street,                    his own close-mouth ahout 7 o'clock on that evening and
was found Guilty, and was sentenced to transportation                    saw Parh parting with Mr. Hannah's son.    Parh and a
for life.                                                                                       man dressed in the garb of a sailor went into the yard
John Earl, for assaulting Robert Tillery, with Intent to                    leading to Highet's back window, and in a short time he
rob, was like wise sentenced to seven years transportation,            heard some money falling, of which he told M'Guire,
The prisoner on being tahen away, exclaimed in a loud                    while sitting on a stone, who called him a d?d liar,
voice, that " he had not got justice at his trial."                                Witness immediately after went to the head of the Wynd,
Joseph Park, John M'Guire, ostler, and George Hau-                    where he remained for some time, and saw M'Guire and
ton, accused of breaking into the house of Robert Highet,            the sailor coming forward, followed by Path.    Fruzer the
spirit-dealer, St. Enoch's Wynd, on the. 3J October last,            officer, came the same night and raised him out of his bed.
and stealing therefrom some bank-notes, a silver watch,            He was present at the apprehension of the sailor and Parh
and various other articles.    Hanton was outlawed, and            in a house in Saltmarket.   After he heard of the house-
Park and M'Guire pleaded Not Guilty.                                       breaking he suspected Parh and the sailor had committed
Robert Higher recollects of his shop being broken into                    the crime, and that M'Guire was stationed an a watch.
on a Sunday evening in September last, bet ween 6 and               The Jury returned a verdict of Guilty against both pri-
8 o'clock, while he was at church ; when he retuned the            soners.    They were sentenced to be executed at Glasgow
landlord of his hose was knocking at the window, and                    on the 31st day of May next.
told him he wanted some beer, and enquired how he came
to leave the, window open, when he told him he had nailed                                                 Printed for John Muir.

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Date of publication: 1820   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(007)
Broadside concerning the trials and sentences of prisoners in Glasgow, 1820
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