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Broadside entitled 'A True and Particular Account of the Bloody and Cruel Murder of Ellen Hanly, on the River Shannon'




Of ELLEN HANLY, on the River Shannon,

A beautiful Young Lady, of 16 years of age, who was seduced from her home in the
County of Limerick, by a Gentleman, who afterwards bribed his servant, Stephen
Sullivan, to murder her, for which they were both Executed; the whole account as
confessed by Sullivan at the place of execution.

MISS HANLY, who was a very accomplished girl, eloped from her uncle's house,
along with Mr Scanlan, on the 29th of June 1819, taking along whith her L.100
in notes, and 12 guineas in gold, and he never heard of her till she was found dead on
the beach, in a shocking condition.

Sullivan was tried at the last Limerick Assizes, and found guilty. When he as-
cended the scaffold, he was exhorted by the Rev. Mr, Enright to discover the truth,
when he declared as follows:--                                             

" I declare before the Almighty God, that I am guilty of the Murder, but that it
was Mr. Scanlan who put me up to it; it was after he came from Dublin I saw him; I
heard he went off with a girl and I went to sec him, when he and I took a walk on the
strand, when he said he should like to get rid of the girl; he was at me some days be-
fore I unfortunately consented; he then bought a boat for the express purpose of de-
stroying her, and got an iron chain and ring made by a smith in Kilrush, to tie round
her neck. Several persons came with us in the boat from Kilrush to Carrig-island, where
we stopped all night. Mr. Scanlan and I went to Ballylang-ford, and bought some spi-
rits; and that day it was intended to murder her between Carrigh-island and Money-
point. Mr. Scanlan went out of the boat, in order that while he was absent I should
have it done; but when I looked in her innocent face my heart shuddered, and I did
not know how I could do it! When Mr. Scanlan returned he gave me many sour looks,
and was mad with me because I did not murder her; I then went out of the boat, and
bought 2s. worth of bread, a pound of butter, and about three half pints of Whisky, and
we staid out all that night till next morning; we then continued that day together.?-
When Mr. Scanlan got up to go out of the boat, Mrs. Scanlan asked him where he was
going?He answered that he was going to Glin, by a short cut, to prepare a lodging
for her, where they might sleep that night; he then made me take some spirits, and de-
sired that I should get more from her if necessary. Scanlan settled the rope, and splic-
ed a loop to it, which he put round a large stone, in order that I should lose no time,
and left every thing ready for me in the boat. In the course of the evening I mur-
dered her in the following manuer:?when the boat was about the centre of the river,
he stood up, and took a musket in his hand, with which he made a blow at her head,
but having missed, struck her on the arm, which was broken; he then beat her with the
gun till she was quite dead, and afterwards tied her right leg to her neck, to which a
large stone was attached, and flung the body into the river, which sunk immediately.?
The following day I went to Glin, where I saw Mr. Scanlan, who asked me, ' did I
do that?' I told him ' I did,' ' All is right,' said he."

He was asked what was Scanlan's motive for having her murdered; he said he did
not know, unless it was that " she always called him her husband."

Sullivan was a good-looking man about 32 years of age.
scanlan, his master, was convicted and hanged at the Limerick Spring Assizes of 1819,
                                                Printed by John Muir, Glasgow.

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Date of publication: 1819   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(006)
Broadside entitled 'A True and Particular Account of the Bloody and Cruel Murder of Ellen Hanly, on the River Shannon'
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