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Broadside entitled 'The Sorrowful Lamentation'





Who are now lying under Sentence of Death at Ayr, M'Manus for Murder, and Gibson for
Assault and Robbery, and are to be executed on the 27th May, 1814.


You profligate young men, give ear & attend
Unto these sad verses in grief I have penn'd,
Oh! may you take warning at my wretched
Involved in misery, in shame, and disgrace.
In my infant years in vice I began,
And increas'd in the same as I grew up to man
Still gloried in vice, in spite of restraint,
To every thing bad my heart it was bent.
Thus resolv'd from my childhood my mind
to fulfil,
I gloried in crimes that were sinful and ill;
The Sabbath in planning of mischief I spent,
And still to profane what was sacred was bent;
My father's reproof I still did despise,
My dear mother's tears seemed light in my
Tho' oftimes they begg'd I my crimes would
Their counsel I slighted withscorn and disdain.
But, oh! now, alas! how chang'd is my case!
How am I involved in shame and disgrace!
My soul it is plunged in sorrow and grief,
Nor know I which way to turn for relief
My crimes in my view how do they appear,
How am I involved in terror and fear!
Fast bound in strong fetters, in grief and in
I shortly to justice a victim must fall;
But oh! with what horror my soul is opprest,
Heart cannot conceive how my mind is distrest!
With terror I am fill'd when I think on my
And deeply repent when I fear 'tis too late.
My soul is distrest to think of a crime,
Committed at such a place and a time;
So hardened that I did all warning despise,
Tho' I a dread warning had full in my eyes.
Then what can I do here peace to ensure,
For if justice takes place, how can I endure?
Unable I am for to stand or to slee,
When Cain murdered Able he trembled like
My sins, like his blood, with terrible cry,
To heaven call loudly to judge from on high.
My repentance it cannot, extorted by fear,
Reverse the sad sentence, it is just tho' severe;
Therefore unto God my soul I'll resign,
And my life, as a forfeit, I yield for my crime,


O now, when too late, I perceive my bad
choice,                                          '            
And find I have daringly slighted God's voice,
Neglected his warnings, his mercy refus'd,
Rejected his gospel, his patience abus'd.
There is but one way by which I may shun
From the dreadful misery to which I have run:
That gracious Redeemer, despis'd in times
If he speak in my favour I am saved at last.
My blest Interceder, upon Thee I call,
Look now upon me, the vilest of all.
For whom didst thou languish and bleed on
the tree?
Oh! pity my anguish, and say, 'twas for thee!
My crime it is such, it will honour thy power,
All hell will repine, while heaven will adore.
Tho' in condemnation strict justice takes
It shines in salvation more glorious through
But here I must stop, for none can express
My sorrow and anguish, my grief and distress;
No beatt can conceive the sorrow and woe
That in this dark dungeon I do undergo.
Oft-times in the night, I awake in a fright,
Then the innocent victim appears in my fight.
My soul is distrest with the terrible sound,
I hear from his voice, his looks & his wounds.
Then think all you young men, when tempt-
ed to sin,
Oh! think upon the sad state I am in;
And may every one who reads these sad lines,
While they pity my case,   detest my base
And here I will these sad verses conclude,
No longer will I on your patience intrude;
But I beg that for me you will earnestly pray,
That I may be fitted for that awful day:
And I earnestly pray you all wisely may Shun,
The sad sinful paths in which I have run.
God grant that a warning it may be to all
Who may come to see me, or hear of my
Lord grant that ail who these lines may read
way obey thy commands, and thy threaten-
ings dread.
And ray gracious Saviour my spirit receive,
That I then with Him in Heaven may live.

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Date of publication: 1814   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(004)
Broadside entitled 'The Sorrowful Lamentation'
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