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Broadside entitled 'Trial of a Priest'




A wonderful trial of a Priest for the horrid and cruel mur-
         der of a young Lady, (whom he had seduced,) and her
         Mother, after robbing   them of an immense fortune ;
with an account of other five girls whom he had be-
trayed all of whom he privately married ; with his ad-
dress to   the judges    in mitigation   of   punishment
for his horrid crimes; The trial lasted near four years.


A trial for murder of a very singular and horrible crime, before the Su-
preme Criminal Court in Bavaria, has just terminated. The trial occupi-
ed no less than four years, and the pleadings and documents amounted to
forty two volumes, the criminal was examined one hundred times, and it
was only at the last examination that a confession of his guilt was wrung
from him. Riembaur the criminal was born in the lowest rank, but at
a very early age gave marks of an intellect of a superior order, Riem-
bur was born in 1770, in 1795 he was ordained a priest, in 1808 he was
appointed a curate of Priell, and in 1809 he was promoted to the curacy
of Randersdt. His sermons were eloquent; his denounciations of vice
severe and frequent. It is not wonderful that so accomplished and gifted
as he was, with the addition of an elegant person, he should be looked
on as a saint of the fire water. The crimes for which this monster was
tried, were chiefly incontinency. He had a child by the curate of Hus-
kerchen's cook-maid, a second by the curate of Hernsheim's servant, a
third by a milliner of his acquaintance, a fourth by another servant-maid
a fifth by Madame Frauenkneicht, whose father he swindled out of five
thousand Florins, and whom, together with her mother, he poisoned ,
and lastly, he had several children by his last kitchen-maid. The crime
for which he was at length arrested was the murder of Anne Marie Ei-
chlaetter. Whilst in the act of cutting the unhappy girls throat, her
youngest sister happened to peep through the key-hole, and observed
the unhuman monster bloody actions, he would have been denounced
long before, but he threatened to commit suicide, and induced the mo-
ther to bury the transaction in silence. Shortly alter the murder they
both fell sick, and died, from the effects of poison administered by the
priest. In his address to the Judge he admits of all the charges brought
against him, and that he privately married them all at the alter, for the
purpose of quelling their consciences. He also defended himself, with
saying that the end sanctifies the means. He said that before killing
his victims, he generally exhorted them to repent of their sins, and gave
them absolution. This holy ruffian has been condemned to imprison-

ment for an unlimited period.

                                                       Carmichael &Graham, Printers, 43, Trongate.

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Date of publication: 1829   shelfmark: F.3.a.13(105)
Broadside entitled 'Trial of a Priest'
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