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Broadside entitled 'Horrid Murder'


Murder Execution                                          




A true and particular account of William and Alexander
Thomson, two brothers, who were hanged upon the new
drop of Exeter, on Friday, 28th. May 1830 for the mur-
der of their father.

At the Exeter Assizes held last week, William and Alexander Thomson, two
brothers were indicted for the most attrocious murder of their father, James Thom-
son by entering his bed room in the night, and cruelly cutting his throat, they be
ing advised to commit this horrid transaction by two infamous woman, for the pur-
pose of obtaining his money. They intended to rob the house after committing
this attrocity, and being disappointed, the two females were the first informers on
the murderers. These unfortunate young men were immediately appre-.
hended and committed to the- J il of Exeter, in order to abide their trial.
When they appea'ed at the bar. they both pleaded not guilty. The youn-
ger brother on observing his paramour as an evidence against him he
looked at her for some time with a steady countenance but afterwards
shewed some symptoms of despair.

The witnesses having been examined at length the Jury retired for a few min-
utes, and returned a verdict finding both prisoners gnilty of the murder or their
father. ...The Learned Judge than proceeded to pass the last sentence of the law
He addressed them both in the most solemn manner on the enormity of their
crime, and hoped they would sincerely repent, and prepare themselves for an e?
nother world, He then ordered that, they should be both executed at the comman
place of Execution in the City of Exeter, on Friday First and their hodies given
for desection.

At half-past 2 o'clock on Friday   the   unfortunate   men ascended the platform
accompanied by the. under Sherriff, Chaplain and other assistants. They both
spoke to the surrounding multitude for some time beseeching them to take a sol-
emn warning by their fate, to keep holy the sabbath day, and to refrain from
the company of bad women and drunkenness. The oldest brother bowed himself
to the spectators. and bade them all a finale farewel . He thanked the Rev.
Gentlemen most kindly for their attendance and after spending a few minutes in
prayer, the signal was given and they were launched into eteruity. After haug-
ing the usual time, their bodies were cut down and delivered to the surgeons
for dissection.

During their imprisonment they behaved with propriety, and paid every atten-
tion to their religious duties They addressed a few lines to an uncle, asking
forg veness and making the most sincere repentance. They expected no miliga-
gation of punishment, and often wished that the fatal hour was come that they
would end their misery. Tney died in peace with all mankind, but regretted the
shame and disgrace they had brought upon the country.

Copy of a letter from one of   these young men,   the Day

before his execution, to his sweatheart?Condemned Cell

8 o'clock, Dear   Margaret   before   leaving this world,   I

write you these lines, letting you know that I sincerely re

   pent all my past crimes,   I never tnought that you who

I   was the cause of me being led astray would have been an

evidence at my trial.    I freely   forgive   you,   but I hope

that all other young men will gaurd against all such vices!

and not be enamoured by the deceit and treachery of such

female traitors.            A. L.

   On Monday last, Elizabeth Wilson   about 19 years of age, put an end to her ex-      

istence by swallowing a   large dose of Poison, on account of a sea Captain, with

whom she had fallen in love he having held out promises which he never inten-

ded to fulfil, and who sailed for London, before her remains were laid in the sil-

ent grave, she wrote the following most effeetive letter, the night before the sad

event addressed to her faithless lover, as follows, Dear Captain,   If my exhausted

Spirit, should support   my trembling hand, whilst I write a few lines to ease a bro-

ken heart, it would be the last office I would require them   to do tnen may they

leave me than may I find in my grave a retreat from the schorn of men If I fly to

my parents who were once   all   my   comfort they bathed in tears, cry out

you have brought out grey hairs, with sorrow to the grave, thus is all na-

ture armed against me and who's account do I   seem to   be forsaken   on

your account, who strove to gain my eflections and become master of them

and now you triumph over me for trusting to your houour or putting con.

fidenos in your word.                              E. VV.

W. Robertson, Printer, Edinburgh.


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Date of publication: 1830   shelfmark: F.3.a.13(102)
Broadside entitled 'Horrid Murder'
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