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'Blighty and Sea Pie' contains the following 2 items:

(1) Blighty [ID: 75253030]

A humorous weekly magazine issued free to the troops in the First World War; contained short stories, poems, cartoons, paintings and drawings, with contributions from men on active service. Distributed by the War Office, the Admiralty and the Red Cross, and subsidised through donations and sales to the general public.

Printer: Walbrook & Co.

Publisher: Walbrook & Co.

Publisher: Committee of Blighty

Date published: 1916-1920

(2) Sea-Pie [ID: 75253031]

'Sea-Pie' magazine was founded to raise funds for authorised naval charities. The first issue appeared on 23 June 1917, priced one shilling. The magazine typically contained short stories, poems, cartoons, and paintings and drawings, often on a nautical theme.

Printer: J. J. Keliher & Co.

Date published: 1917-1920