Biographical dictionary of eminent Scotsmen

'Biographical dictionary of eminent Scotsmen' contains the following 3 items:

Volume 1 [ID: 90719163]

Volume I. Contains names alphabetically from Abercromby to Erskine.

Volume 2 [ID: 90719164]

Volume II. Contains names alphabetically from Falconer to Lynedoch.

Volume 3 [ID: 90719165]

Volume III. Contains names alphabetically from Macadam to Young.

Biographical dictionary of eminent Scotsmen
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DescriptionThree volumes containing biographies and some engraved portraits of Scotsmen and some women, mostly of the 16th to the 19th centuries. Published in 1875, it includes famous people from different fields, such as literature, politics, philosophy, natural sciences, medicine, religion and fine art. Originally compiled by Robert Chambers (1802-1871).
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