Transcript of Glyde Chaffey letter about phone installation

Dear Sir

Domestic telephones
With reference to your request that we should send you a list of the rooms in which inter-communication telephones might be fixed. We have pleasure in sending you the following list.

    Dr Bartholomew's Room
  1. Private Office
  2. General Office
  3. Litho Artists' Room
  4. Colourists' Room
  5. Mr Barker
  6. Mr Rorison
  7. Mr Rennie
  8. Wareroom
  9. Draughtsmens' [sic] Room
  10. Engravers' Room
  11. Map Mounting Room
  12. Map Process Room
  13. D P Room

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This installation would mean that you could ring up any of the offices mentioned and give your instructions, and also that any of the offices mentioned could ring up any other office and ask for information regarding any work they were required to do.

The wiring would be carried neatly cleated on the surface in the ordinary way, and we shall be glad to know if you think this would be satisfactory.

As regards bells, we presume that you would require a front door bell to ring in the general office, but we do not know whether you would require any more bells as these telephones would take the place, more or less, of the bells.

We should be glad to call and discuss the matter with you at any time convenient to you.

We are, dear sir,
Yours faithfully
Glyde Chaffey & Co

PS We enclose three sketches of fitting with arms ['up' is written here but scored out] down


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