Transcript of letter about the copperplate safe

In 1910 William Little & Sons wrote to Bartholomew about how they propose to construct the safe at Duncan Street:

Dear Sir

We have now pleasure in handing you two blue print drawings showing how we would propose constructing the iron shelving for storing copperplates in fireproof safe. This design shows a very strong and rigid construction. Before designing out this, we had various plates weighed so as to ascertain the load which the shelving has to support, and have based our calculations accordingly. We have pleasure in offering to construct and fit up those shelves, all as shown on blue print drawings numbers B.653 and B.654, for the sum of one hundred and twenty one pounds and ten shillings, sterling (£121 10/-).

We have also pleasure in handling you blue print drawing number B.658, showing how we would suggest supporting paper carriers in machine room. We propose putting up a t bar under each roof principal, which [page 2: ] T bar would be secured to the tie rods of the principal, and would be fitted with brackets for supporting wood runners, from which runners you can put on your fixings for the paper carriers. Our price for supplying and fitting up those T bars and angle brackets, not including wood runners or other fixings, would be eighteen pounds, ten shillings, sterling (£18 10/-).

Trusting to be favoured with your acceptance, which shall be esteemed and have our best personal attention.

Yours faithfully
William Little & Sons Limited

We herewith return your drawings.


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