Letters about the Falcon Hall portico

Letter from J M Cruikshank to John George Bartholomew regarding Falcon Hall:

20th November 1908

J G Bartholomew, Newington House.

Dear Sir

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your favour of yesterday’s date with offer for front portion with its two sides of Falconhall House for the sum of two hundred and twenty five pounds. Which offer I beg to accept and shall be glad to be favoured with your cheque for the amount within the next fourteen days.

This would allow you sufficient time to have the material removed before payout was made. Of course, the said material can be left on the ground for a longer period if necessary. I shall be glad to hear from you per the above if you agree to this.

Yours faithfully
J M Cruikshank.

Letter from John George Bartholomew to J M Cruikshank:

21st November 1908

Mr J M Cruikshank, builder

Dear Sir

Although we cannot make use of the Falcon Hall front material until spring, I agree to your terms of payment of £225 within 14 days.

Before then, W Taylor, the architect, will call to see that it is all in order. We shall probably take a number of the other items on your list, but, if there is no immediate hurry, we would prefer to have a little more time to complete our plans.

Yours very kindly
J G Bartholomew

P S Did you keep any of the grates? Such as the dining room grates which fitted the mantelpieces?


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