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'Aberdeen Breviary' contains the following 3 items:

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(1) Copy 1 [ID: 103009035]

A two-volume made-up set.

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(2) Copy 2 [ID: 103009037]

This set is known as the 'Glamis Castle' copy after its previous location. Bound at the end of the first volume is the separate work known as the Compassio Beate Marie.

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(3) Leaves and fragments used in the binding of a volume [ID: 75172958]

1 copy of quire N and 11 copies of quire V of Proprium Sanctorum of Pars Estivalis, all formerly used in the binding of a volume. Also includes two vellum leaves from a 12th-century liturgical manuscript from the same source. For a full description of these leaves, see Robert Donaldson, 'Fragments of the Aberdeen Breviary', Edinburgh Bibliographical Society Transactions VI.3, (1995), 71-86, and 'Fragments of the Aberdeen Breviary: Further Consideration' in the same journal, VI.4, (1998), 132-133. The part references here refer to the order in which these leaves have been placed (loose but encapsulated) in the volume assembled by NLS.